Vision and Strategy

By leveraging its unique skillset, Appian is focused on being the recognised partner of choice to small to medium sized companies within the metals and mining sector. Through an innovative and highly collaborative approach, the Fund and its advisors will work together with management teams and all other stakeholders to ensure that projects are effectively developed efficiently and maximise returns for all stakeholders. The experience of the Appian Capital Advisory team, who have successfully brought 60+ mining projects to production, can be provided to its portfolio companies and local stakeholders, enabling access to a deep talent pool of high quality individuals who are able to de-risk projects and accelerate development.

Appian is focused on attractive opportunities that exist in selected geographical locations, with proven geology, supportive governments and a robust legal framework. Targeting high quality assets at an advanced greenfield, brownfield and / or expansion projects, the Fund and its advisors support management teams to realise value from their assets. Appian will also leverage its extensive investor network to attract high quality co-investment and financing opportunities to match capital requirements where required. This provides an additional level of financial flexibility and access to a broader range of investment opportunities across the sector.

Appian is committed to ensuring that the highest levels of corporate governance, social and environmental responsibilities are met. This is integral part of the Fund's approach to investment in a rapidly changing investment environment, where appropriate relationships with governments communities and other local stakeholders is key in ensuring success at all levels.