A Urbix está focada na fabricação de CSPG para baterias, o principal insumo para ânodos de baterias de veículos elétricos


Urbix is a United States based advanced materials technology development company that specializes in all aspects of the graphite value chain and is focused on manufacturing battery grade Coated Spheroidized Purified Graphite (“CSPG”), the key input for electric vehicle battery anodes. Urbix has developed an innovative and proprietary CSPG production process that is more cost effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly than existing production processes. The objective of the investment into Urbix is to jointly develop, construct and operate a commercial scale processing facility to produce CSPG from natural graphite concentrate feed supplied by Appian’s investment in Graphcoa.

The Urbix investment is expected to:

  • Strategically position the establishment a fully integrated graphite anode material supply chain in the Americas
  • Enable Appian to realize margin across the graphite anode material value chain
  • Provide North American battery gigafactories security of supply
  • Strengthen Appian’s exposure to the rapidly growing market for graphite anode material
  • Produce a high-quality CSPG product through Urbix’s innovative and proprietary technology

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