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Appian regards social, environmental and governance standards as crucial elements within all investment opportunities and portfolio companies

Atlantic Nickel

Atlantic Nickel is active across exploration, mining, beneficiation and marketing of nickel concentrate produced from its wholly owned Santa Rita nickel mine in Bahia, northeast Brazil. The owners are advised by Appian Capital Advisory LLP, a leading investment advisor in the metals and mining industry, with worldwide experience across South America, North America and Africa and a track record of successfully supporting companies achieve their development targets.
Optimization opportunities have been identified that will serve to reduce the operation’s cost position and generate an attractive cash flow profile at conservative nickel prices. In addition to the base case mine plan, there is significant potential to extend the mine life and increase the production capacity of the operation.
Our commitment is to work safely, ethically and sustainably to produce quality nickel sulphide concentrate while maintaining the highest environmental standards. Atlantic Nickel invests heavily into health, safety, environmental and social initiatives that contribute to enhancing the quality of life within the surrounding area. We are a company that recognises its responsibility, and is focused on bringing several improvements to the local population by contributing to economic growth and community initiatives.


More than US$3m of services and goods were procured locally between 2018 and 2020 YTD


Spent on social projects, such as COVID-19 initiatives and relief measures between 2018 & 2020


More than 6,500 seedlings were planted in the reforestation programme in 2019 alone


Starting in 2020, more than 24,000 seedlings will be planted yearly through to 2030

Health and Safety

Atlantic Nickel achieved almost 3 million hours without lost time incidents. These results are related to several important actions, such as training, inspections and safety campaigns and integration with business goals.

One of the success factors for reaching this achievement is the “Anjos da Segurança Program”. The Program aims to encourage a safety culture through the communication and interaction of workers in the work environment and to strengthen team spirit, in which everyone is responsible for their safety and that of their co-workers. Since the program was implemented in April 2019, more than 220 people have participated in training and actions.


Atlantic Nickel supports the Projeto de Musicalização e Arte – PROMART, developed by the Center Baptist Sete de Setembro (CBS), an institution engaged in promoting social inclusion. The project aims to provide children and teenagers, from the public educational system of Ipiáu/BA, a more comprehensive education opportunity, offering them tutoring, language classes (Spanish), music (guitar, wind instruments, choir), sports, dance and computer skills. The project also aims to promote the strengthening of ties with students’ families to discuss social issues.

So far, PROMART has benefited more than 100 children and intends to benefit another 200 over the next two years.


The conservation and preservation of the environment and the high-level execution of activities are the baseline standard for Atlantic Nickel. One example in terms looking after the environment is the Revegetation Project. Through the Project, areas within Atlantic Nickel’s footprint are recovered, promoting the regeneration of the environment by planting seedlings of the local biome (Atlantic Forest). In 2019, 10ha were recovered, in which 8,500 seedlings of Pau-Brasil, Jacarandá da Bahia, Claraíba, Vinhático, were planted. In 2020, 20ha will be recovered, totaling 15,664 planted seedlings.