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Appian regards social, environmental and governance standards as crucial elements within all investment opportunities and portfolio companies

Mineração Vale Verde

We are a company that belongs to the British investment advisor Appian Capital Advisory; our main goal is to implement Serrote Project in Craíbas municipality, in Agreste Alagoano, next to the border of Arapiraca municipality. Mineração Vale Verde is present in the region since 2007.
Since then, over R$200 million were invested, and the forecasted investment for Serrote Project implementation is over R$700 million. At the implementation apex, in 2020, the creation of 1,200 direct jobs considering MVV and contractor’s employees is forecasted.
In operation stage, 500 direct jobs are forecasted. With the Installation License issued by Environment Institute of Alagoas (IMA/AL) in 2017 – and extended in October 2019 until 2021 – Serrote Project remains strong.


MVV representatives visit all 14 communities on a monthly basis resulting in MVV achieving an approval rate of approx. 90%


MVV is the largest private employer in the region. 67% of MVV’s workforce come from the local communities


MVV established a local suppliers’ development program. In 2019, 50 local companies participated in tailor-made training courses sponsored by MVV

Health and Safety

The GMR (Greater Risk Management) program, managed by the CIPATMIN (Internal Accident Prevention Committee) team, addresses the greatest risks present in the company’s activities which, if not controlled, can lead to serious accidents or even fatalities. The GMR takes place once a month, dealing with one of the 10 biggest risks. At that moment, 100% of the employees and third parties are mobilized to participate in the event, which includes theater, technical matters and lectures.


The Supplier Development Program has the objective to promote economic and social development, by training local suppliers within the Serrote Project’s area of influence, strengthening the region’s Supply chain and providing guidance on the requirements of MVV’s manuals and procedures. Executed in 4 phases: Mapping, Selection, Training and Monitoring, the program provided interaction between the participating companies and direct and indirect service providers of the Serrote Project. Altogether 45 companies were certified by the program and had access to content related to business management, financial management and customer service. Companies benefited by the Program compose a list of local suppliers that is leveraged along our procurement processes.


MVV is committed to provide actions for the conservation and enhancement of the Caatinga Biome, as well as to disseminate environmental education initiatives in the region where it operates. An example that made the difference was the implementation of the Environmental Education Center. Created in 2013, the center has three nurseries with the capacity to produce 84,000 seedlings of 40 native species occurring in the Caatinga. Since 2013, more than 40,000 seedlings have been produced and planted in internal and external initiatives. Communities from public and private education institutions in the region are able to participate in these actions, as a means to emphasize the importance of keeping our forests preserved. The Environmental Education Center also welcomes visitors interested in other projects such as: Hydroponic Garden, Meliponiculture (reintroduction of native bees in the Biome), participation in Technical Visits and the Ecological Trail.