Fundamental bottom-up investor targeting high margin assets with near-term production potential

Appian portfolio company, Santa Rita project (nickel-cobalt-copper, Brazil)

Vision and strategy

Using a cutting-edge approach, Appian provides investors with the opportunity to take advantage of macro investment stories by going further upstream into the mining space; but with lower risk, thanks to strong technical expertise, a diverse portfolio of investments and a track record of success.

The experience of the Appian Capital Advisory team, who have successfully brought 60+ mines into production, can be provided to its portfolio companies and local stakeholders, enabling access to a deep talent pool of high quality individuals who are able to de-risk projects, and accelerate development and value growth.

Appian seeks to invest in down-side protected opportunities within selected geographical locations with proven geology, supportive governments and a robust legal framework. Targeting high quality assets at the advanced greenfield, brownfield and / or expansion stages, the Fund and its advisors support management teams to realise maximum value from their assets.

Differentiated approach

Proven and unique investment model employing hands-on technical value-add, long term value investing and through-the-cycle thinking.
  • Deep in-house technical team employs a technical arbitrage approach to deliver a differential view on a project
  • Financial and technical advisor, able to oversee and optimise the development and operations of our portfolio companies
  • Identification of key operating risks and upside opportunities that other capital providers would either overlook or defer to consultants
  • Investment model offers downside risk protection while maintaining upside optionality

Investment mandate

Appian is pursuing a scalable investment mandate focused on acquiring small to medium-sized assets or companies in the metals and mining sector and creating significant value in these projects through a hands-on, value build approach.

The Fund maintains a disciplined investment mandate and invests across geographies where its professionals have successfully operated before and maintains a focus on achieving a balanced split of commodities with favourable market dynamics.