Western Potash Corp is a long-life, low-cost MOP potash asset in Saskatchewan, Canada


Western Potash Corp is a long-life, low-cost MOP potash asset in an attractive jurisdiction whose reserves are suitable to sustain the proposed Phase I (146ktpa) operations for 40+ years.

The Project has strong fundamentals including:

  • Located in a tier-1 jurisdiction, the Milestone project has near-term production potential expected to begin in Q2 2023 and achieve run-rate production approximately 1 year later, allowing it to take advantage of favorable Potash market dynamics
  • Phase I run-rate production of 146,000 tonnes per annum MOP and a 40 year mine life. Potential to expand through Phase II which would approximately double the production
  • Environmentally friendly solution mining method leaves no salt tailings on the surface
  • Efficient operating costs in the middle of the cost curve (on a US Midwest delivered basis)
  • Long-term off-take agreement with Archer Daniels Midland (NYSE: ADM) for 100% of the potash production from Milestone Phase I

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