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The Young Mining Professionals Scholarship Fund (“YMPSF”) has announced the continuation of its scholarship fund in 2022. This year the Fund has grown to over $200,000 with 42 individual scholarships ranging from $500 to $15,000 awarded to post-secondary students across Canada. The growth of the YMP Scholarship Fund is a result of the support and donations from mining industry partners like Appian.

The YMPSF’s mandate is to attract young people to Canada’s exploration and mining industry by supporting their academic studies in earth sciences post-secondary programs. YMPSF is a volunteer-based organization with 100% of its donations from partners awarded directly to the student scholarship recipients.

The Appian Mining Scholarships in the YMP Scholarship Fund’s 2022 Program are:

Appian Capital Advisory Mining Scholarship – 1 x $15,000
One $15,000 scholarship funded by Appian will be provided to a student enrolled in a MSc or PhD degree in Finance, Geology, Engineering with a focus on the mining industry at a University in Canada.

Appian Capital Advisory Mining Scholarship – 2 x $5,000
Two $5,000 scholarship funded by Appian will be provided to students enrolled in Finance, Geology, Engineering or mining-related earth sciences program at a Post-secondary school in Canada (excluding Quebec) and a Post-secondary school within Quebec.

How to apply to the YMP Scholarship Fund
Scholarships will be awarded to students pursuing a career in the mining industry and are enrolled in mining-related programs for the 2022/2023 academic year at Canadian universities. The deadline to apply for the majority of the scholarships is August 31, 2022, at midnight. Winners of all awards will be announced on September 30, 2022.

For full details on how to apply to the YMP Scholarships, please click here.

Each scholarship is unique and requires individual applications. Applicants will be considered based on the following criteria: academic achievement; extracurricular involvement; and submissions demonstrating creativity, perseverance, innovative ideas and a commitment to a career in mining. Canada’s mining industry needs a strong entrepreneurial spirit; these scholarships recognize the qualities integral to developing mines and building mining and exploration companies.

About YMP Scholarship Fund
YMPSF’s mandate is to attract young Canadians to the resource exploration and mining industry by supporting their academic studies in mining-related post-secondary programs. Further details on the YMPSF can be found on their website.

About Appian Capital Advisory LLP
Appian Capital Advisory LLP is the investment advisor to long-term value-focused private equity funds that invest solely in mining and mining-related companies.

Appian is a leading investment advisor in the metals and mining industry, with global experience across South America, North America, Australia and Africa. It has a successful track record of supporting companies to achieve their development targets, assisting 7 projects to reach production in the last 4 years, with a global operating portfolio overseeing nearly 5,000 employees.

Appian has a global team of 58 experienced professionals with presences in London, Toronto, Vancouver, Lima, Belo Horizonte, Montreal and Sydney.

For more information please visit, or find us on LinkedIn,  Instagram or Twitter.